Find your authentic swing

Learning opportunities are abound. This weekend I learned from an old golf movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance. Bagger Vance (Will Smith) possibly the hero’s (Matt Damon) guardian angel, helps the hero overcome his demons from the war, to find himself by finding his authentic golf swing. Bagger told him in golf (and in life), there are a lot swings to choose from. However there is only one perfect swing (the authentic swing). All we have to do is get out of the way and let it find you. In life that perfect swing is to find your purpose and be more of who you already are.

Bagger explained that the hands are a lot smarter than the head will ever be. In golf, you don’t want to be thinking too much. It will only get you in trouble. In finding your perfect swing, your purpose in life, you need to stop your head from getting in the way. Don’t worry about what other people think (not the perfect swing), stop comparing yourself to others or doing what’s always practical (other non-perfect swings). Find that one authentic swing by identifying your strengths and passions and getting on the path of being more of who you already are.

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