SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) is a proven process for achieving peak performance.

SIMA®-Centered Executive Coaching

A powerful, strengths-based one-on-one coaching process to help you clearly identify your motivated abilities.

  • Why you do what you do and the satisfying result you seek.
  • How you prefer to get things done.
  • What you best work on/with/through.
  • Situations where you are at your best.
  • Who you work best with (supervisor and others).
  • and apply them to your life and career to achieve success, fulfillment and authenticity.

SIMA®-Centered Team Coaching

Developed to leverage the principles and results of executive coaching with the economies of group training to unlock your team’s potential to achieve peak performance.

SIMA®-Centered Organization Development

Clearly identifies the primary and secondary motivated abilities of successful people within your organization.

  • Analyzes your organizations match to these primary/secondary motivated abilities for each critical position.
  • Integrates into your interviewing process to assess matching potential hires.
  • Integrates into your training and development programs for people to further build on their strengths.
  • Integrates into your promotion and succession planning.