Mid-Manager Group Coaching

Leverage the impact of coaching with the economies of training to accelerate mid-managers' leadership, management and communication skills. 

Our Process

  • Choose from “Lead Self” and “Lead People” modules.
  • 1-3 day workshop depending on module choice and customization.
  • Interview selected senior management to customize material, exercises and applications to your company needs, gold standards, vernacular, business structure and challenges.
  • Build in successful LTG coaching principles for impact.
  • Use the LTG Flex Template© to leverage how you learn best.

"Lead Self" Modules

  • 1st 100 days: Start strong in establishing the right impressions.
  • 80/20 focus: Leverage the natural law of the Pareto Principle to identify your key priorities, build the discipline to focus on them and to align your boss and your people to accomplish them.
  • Authenticity: Identify and become the leader/communicator you were designed to be.
  • Build confidence: Build your comfort level in doing something you’ve never done before.
  • Managing up: Build relationships and influence managers more senior than you.
  • Networking: Leverage effective short cuts and forge a discipline to build key relationships.
  • Executive presence: Speak, look, dress, think and act like an international executive.

"Lead People" Modules

  • Influence leadership: Get senior management, peers and direct reports to want to follow.
  • Leadership principles: Use critical leadership principles: clarity, focus, power of positive, taking ownership.
  • Delegation: Get what you want, when you want it, in the way you want it.
  • Develop people and provide feedback: Learn from our 17,000+ hours of coaching executives in the best companies to develop your people.
  • Handle conflict/tough situations: Use our simple, but effective techniques in handling the most common tough situations: giving difficult feedback, delivering bad news, missing your targets, not knowing the answer to your boss’s question, your people are fighting, problem employee, terminating a poor performer.
  • Teamwork: Build effective teams by forging common objectives, rules to operating and accountability.
  • Working in a multi-national environment: Understand their culture, how they think and how they make decisions.
  • Interviewing skills: Assess if the candidate possesses the skills and character that match up to who you need.