China Global Leadership

Leading an organization in a multi-national company or a foreign country is complex and challenging.

  • Managing foreign managers/clients/workforce/government officials.
  • Influencing in a global matrix organization with many key stakeholders.
  • Living and working so far away from home, feeling isolated.
  • Cultural, customs and communications complexity.
  • Aligning to HQ culture.
  • Simple mistakes can be costly.

Our Coaches

  • Former CEOs, General Managers, Managing Directors, Partners from the top global companies.
  • Have extensive China experience with a China centric focus.
  • Be an effective Chinese leader in the foreign market.
  • Be an effective local leader in context of the Chinese way.
  • Coaches located in the China HQ and in the market work together to align & maximize efforts on each assignment.
  • Customized for impact focus on critical leadership skills personalized for that person, customized for their role/company.

Coaches are located in major cities in Greater China & beyond:

Hong Kong Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen Chengdu Chongqing Taipei Tokyo Bangkok Singapore New York Miami Tampa Atlanta Dallas Chicago Phoenix Seattle San Francisco Toronto London Frankfurt Vienna New Delhi Johannesburg