We’ve worked extensively with the top professional services firms on an integrated, systematic basis to transform their senior managers from doers to leaders (Partners).

  • Big 3 consulting firm
  • Big 4 accounting firm
  • Top 10 investment bank
  • Top 25 law firm

Over the years of implementing this program we’ve learned

  • Time to gather a cohort is quite difficult, participants must see value.
  • Motivation is the foundation to change/improvements.
  • Gaining control (don’t be a victim) leads to retention.
  • Program needs to be integrated with the client’s systems.
  • Follow-up reinforcement and measurement for change.
  • Partner involvement is critical.
  • 1-on-1 sessions were most valuable for individualized application and sensitivity.
  • Gathering with other colleagues was valuable.
  • Coach needs to understand the firm values, structure, players.

Our Process

Online Path-to-Partner program

Group workshops:

  • # of workshops depends on program scope.
  • ½ to 1 day workshops.
  • Expert guest speaker.
  • Use client case studies to demonstrate content.
  • Individual exercises, action plans, and accountability.
  • Build your business case for partnership and articulate it.

One-on-one executive coaching

  • Apply workshop learnings to individual situations.
  • Develop individual action plans.
  • # of sessions depends on program scope.

Readings for other perspectives

Mentoring from internal client senior leaders

Accountability pairings

Debriefs and adjustments after each workshop and 1-on-1 coaching rounds