Lance Tanaka

Master Coach, Founder and Managing Director of the Lance Tanaka Group

Master Coach

He is currently the founder and Managing Director of the Lance Tanaka Group, a consulting company that provides executive coaching for the “best of the best”, working with the leading multinational and local companies in their respective industries throughout Asia-Pacific.

Since 2001, Lance has accumulated over 17,000 coaching hours of executives from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, US and Europe. He has coached:

  • over 800 CEO, Partner, Managing Director, General Manager level executives from the top global firms
  • over 500 from the top professional services and financial services firms
  • working with the “best of the best” global clients

Board member: Mango Insight, SIMA International

Corporate Leadership Experience

From 1997 to 2001, as Vice President of International for Nike-Cole Haan working out of Hong Kong, Lance restructured and set up new operations in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Italy, UK, Iberia, Greece and France.

Lance held a number of senior positions in Pepsi-Cola International over a 15 year period:

  • Managing Director of Pepsi-Cola and Salim Group Joint Venture in Indonesia
  • Vice-President of South Asia Pepsi-Cola out of Singapore
  • President of Pepsi-Cola and President Enterprises Joint Venture in Taiwan
  • Sales Director Tokyo Bottling Company in Japan


  • SIMA®/MCORE® Assessment Facilitator
  • PRINT® Assessment Facilitator
  • DNA® Creator and Master Coach
  • Hogan® Assessment Facilitator