A sad day

Just about every day, I’m energized, but today is a sad one for me. My favorite journalist, Charles Krauthammer has just passed away. In a world of radical, non-sensical voices, he was a calming yet intellectual force.

I would like to honor him with a few of his quotes.

“In our sophisticated historical analyses, we tend to attribute everything to these large underlying currents, to certain political ideologies, or social changes like industrialization or the growth of women's rights and all that. But that’s missing the obvious—there’s usually a person who influenced things in a way that all the underlying forces cannot account for.”

“Anything done at a high level of excellence always intrigues me because it's the ultimate expression of being human, that you do something, something you don't have to do.”

This is why my core mission is “Influence one person and you influence the world.” Have an impact by identifying your gifting (your strengths and passions) and bringing it into your career/life.

You can indeed make a difference.