Don't hope to be lucky, choose to be happy

You may have heard the saying, “Hope springs eternal.” It means even though you have evidence that things cannot possibly turn out the way you want, you still hope for it. Hope is a good thing. It activates the positive side of our brain. It gives us direction. It gives us…hope.

However, hope in the face of improbability or even impossibility is a problem. Hoping to be CEO of Lenovo is really not in the “cards” for me. Therefore, hoping to achieve it is a waste. But even worse is relying on luck instead of action. Hope without action produces little to nothing.

Why not balance the power of hope with the promise of action. Choosing to take action is required to get onto the path to happiness. Action helps you to get more control over your life now. In choosing action, the compilation of small steps can have a significant impact on progressing down the path to happiness.

Happiness is a choice. Taking small steps now is a choice. Choosing to be happy, involves

  1. identifying the multiple things we want/need in our life to be happy and fulfilled
  2. developing the discipline to taking the small steps we need to take right now to get those things into our day-to-day life
  3. understanding it’s a life-long process and learn to enjoy and celebrate the small steps and accomplishments along the way

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Don’t just hope to be lucky, choose to be happy and take action.