Don't strive for balance, seek imbalance

We spend a great deal of time striving for balance: work-life balance, a balanced diet, a balanced budget. However, when looking to achieve something great and amazing (the mountain), don’t strive for balance, seek imbalance.

Getting to the top of that mountain requires bold ideas, not half-measures, pushing the boundaries, not moderation. In other words, taking risk.

Risk requires the ability to be comfortable with imbalance, challenging the norms. It requires us to live with the incredulousness of our colleagues.

“Encourage yourself and your team to stop looking for balance and

actively seek out imbalance. At the brink, we experience reverence, a powerful respect

for and relationship to something greater than ourselves. The brink and reverence

are inextricably linked. Reverence is a deep respect for something or someone—the experience of awe.”

-The Brink by Mark Hunter

What is your mission? What is your vision for the future?

Seek imbalance.