Finding Peace: Just Do It.

Looking for that inner peace? Look in the direction of the sharp, yet crystalline call to action, “Just do it!”

People are always asking why I possess an inner peace, an endless well of confidence with a positive disposition. Aside from the solid foundation of knowing that “someone up there is looking out for me”, I’m on the path of being what I was meant to be. I’m just doing it.

Many of us want to be on that path where every day we get to use our strengths and live our passions, to be distinctive in something rather than just average, to feel we are in more control of our life.

However, many of us are waiting for the definitive answer to our path before taking action. We want absolute clarity before we take any risk, any action. Unfortunately for most, this ends up in no progress.

Where does “no progress” get you? It keeps you in the same tired job, working for the same un-inspiring boss, in an unhealthy state, missing important relationships, with way out of balance work-life.

In this past Sunday’s sermon, my pastor talked about people not being ready to jump into a commitment because they need to fix something or get more clarity. The gist of the sermon was don’t wait, make the jump and work it out along the way. Just do it!

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