Stories from the Top

How executives from the top global & local organizations overcame the 8 common challenges of leadership in the global marketplace.

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Focus on stories (42) from the top global executives, their challenges and how they leverage global best practices to address them.

After coaching over 800 executives, I’ve discovered two key things. The first is regardless of industry or level of job position, leaders face the same challenges to being an effective leader in a global environment.

  1. Purpose and leadership authenticity: Move from success to significance by being more of who you were designed to be
  2. Get a life and maintain some control over your career/life
  3. Influence without authority: Get people to willingly follow
  4. You can teach an old dog, new tricks: Break old habits and create new ones at any age
  5. Inspire people #1: Attract, develop and retain your best people
  6. Inspire people #2: Forge a change in mindsets throughout an organization
  7. Executive Presence: Get the message right and connect/engage your audience
  8. Cross-cultural effectiveness: Become an effective global leader

The 2nd key thing I’ve learned from 16 years of coaching executives and 20 years of leading organizations, there are reoccurring, foundational principles that simply and effectively address the leadership challenges.

  1. Focus
  2. Be authentic
  3. North vs. true north
  4. Take small steps
  5. Logic is not enough
  6. Focus on them
  7. Build win-win relationships
  8. Motivation is the foundation for change
  9. Be clear
  10. MBTAM
  11. Leverage what performers want